In addition to wood art, I also make t-shirts and hats for fashionable artists, crafters, and makers of all kinds.

The newest t-shirt spreads the word about a potential hazard: WARNING - Woodturning May Cause Baldness. Please help us spread the word.

A second t-shirt features the slogan "I just make stuff" in my own handwriting on the front. This is also available on several hats.

The third shows the phrase "dances with lathes" written in dancing men characters. (The dancing men are a substitution code, substituting a stick figure in a particular position for each letter. This code originated in Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes story "The Adventure of the Dancing Men").

All shirtscan be ordered in various colors and t-shirt styles. In addition, there are three hat designs which feature the "I just make stuff: slogan. All are available through my cafepress shop by clicking .