IIn 2006, I was asked by a teapot collector to make a teapot in my puzzling illusion style. That was an interesting challenge that raised both technical and design issues. It was obvious to make a hollow vessel for the body of the teapot. Attaching a spout, handle, feet, and a lid added some additional points of interest. My puzzling illusion teapots feature a hollow vessel oriented sideways. Letting the spout and handle imply a snout and tail, the teapot takes on the appearance of a small animal.

The Helga series of teapots feature a four-sided body (turned using the “therming” technique). The first teapot in the series (Helga) resembled a character in a popular comic strip about Vikings and was named for her. Other teapots in this series have the names of Viking women. A variation of this series (Ljufu, for example) features a “twisted” body, that is, it appears to twist from the foot to the lid.

Remnants of an Ancient Teapot Monument is thermed but uses the course texture of pieces in my Tower series.

Another series of four-sided teapots inspired (Oroshi , for example) is also thermed. The texture is based on that found in some four sided iron Japanese teapots that are used in a restaurant near my home.

The newest series of teapots is represented here by Tea Pod 3. This series represents an early stage in the evolutionary development of the teapot, capturing one of the first prototeapots to move on to dry land.

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